Are Your Kids Really Safe in the Back Seat?

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There have been a number of changes to safety recommendations over the years when it comes to children riding in cars, but one key message has remained constant. That constant message has been that the safest place for kids to sit is in the back seat. However, recent investigations and lawsuits have brought to light seat back failure , a major safety issue that is leaving parents everywhere feeling unnerved. In fact, one such lawsuit ended this week when a Texas jury ordered Volkswagen’s Audi unit to pay $124.5 million to an 11-year old boy who was left brain-damaged in a 2012 accident (per CBS News).

Seat back failure is a serious defect in many vehicles that causes numerous injuries and fatalities every single year, often times to children. seat back failure  occurs when a car is rear-ended and the defective front seat breaks at the hinge, sending the occupant backwards into the seat behind them with great force and no restraint. The crash test video below from 2010 illustrates this danger.


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Part 3- The Painful Facts About Car Accidents and the Lower Back

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This is the third blog in our series on lower back pain typically caused by slip and falls, construction accidents, work accidents, car accidents, truck accidents, and other crashes that occur regularly on the highways of New Jersey. In the first blog, we discussed the different types of lower back injuries like herniated discs, bulging discs, and back fractures, and in the second blog we discussed the common diagnostic tests such as x-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and nerve studies or EMGs.

Here, we will tell you about the types of treatments that victims of these accidents often undergo to help find relief. The initial recommendation is usually rest and non-steroidal anti-inflammatories. Often times, the lower back pain people suffer from as a result of accidents involve muscle spasms that should heal up within a few weeks.  However, in the first week or so, it is difficult to decipher the extent of the injury and whether it is something that will heal up with rest or a condition that will linger.

Chiropractic treatment may be used to provide pain relief and is regularly a first line treatment. Physical therapy is sometimes used to strengthen the surrounding muscles and help with mobility. After this conservative treatment, some patients undergo a series of epidural steroid injections.

For individuals with herniated discs who cannot obtain relief with the above treatments, surgery may be an option.  Surgery is the last line of treatment and is usually considered in cases in which a patient has incapacitating pain or weakness.  Surgery is usually an option when:

  • Conservative measures do not work
  • Back pain radiates to the legs and buttocks
  • Pain is constant and interferes with the quality of someone’s life
  • Neurological deficits like weakness or numbness in the legs
  • Difficulty standing or walking
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cauda equina syndrome

There are some emergent situations with disc herniation that requiring emergent back surgery, such as: severe weakness in both legs; bowel or bladder dysfunction; and loss of sensation in the groin area.  These symptoms may be a sign of cauda equina syndrome (see image), which occurs when something is compressing on the spinal nerve roots. Without immediate surgery to address cauda equina syndrome, a person can suffer from permanent incontinence and/or paralysis.

Like most personal injuries, when it comes to lower back pain, obtaining immediate medical attention is crucial so that the appropriate diagnosis may be made. In an upcoming blog, we will address the different treatments that patients typically receive for lower back pain. At Mintz & Geftic, our lawyers and support staff do our best to make sure our clients not only receive excellent guidance on legal issues, but that they also see the best doctors in our area to help them recover from their injuries.



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Part 2 – The Painful Facts About Car Accidents and the Lower Back

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In our last blog, we discussed the various types of lower back injuries that are typically caused by car accidents, slip and falls, construction accidents, and work accidents. We discussed conditions like herniated discs, bulging discs, and pars fractures, all of which cause lower back pain. Diagnostic tests are helpful tools used to determine the specific cause of the lower back pain. However, arriving at an accurate clinical diagnosis requires that any diagnostic test be correlated with the patient’s back pain symptoms and physical exam.

The most common diagnostic tests include:

  • X-Ray: This test provides information on the bones in the spine. An x-ray is often used to check for spinal instability (such as spondylolisthesis), tumors and fractures.
  • CT Scan: This test is a very detailed x-ray that includes cross section images. CT scans provide details about the bones in the spine. They may also be used to check for specific conditions, such as a herniated disc or spinal stenosis. CT scans tend to be less accurate for spinal disorders than MRI scans.

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It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s A Manhole Cover????

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flying manhole covers – Elizabeth, NJ

Here at Mintz & Geftic we usually try to blog about legal news that our clients and other readers might find valuable. Whether it’s information about workers’ compensation, motor-vehicle accidents, class action litigation or medical malpractice, a majority of our blog posts are typically law-related . However, this is not one of those posts.

Since we have been Elizabeth’s neighborhood law firm for over 30 years, when a local news story is discussed nationwide, we like to chime in. Many of our local readers are well aware that Elizabeth experienced a couple of explosions this past Wednesday that caused two different manhole covers to fly into the air. One flew 20 feet in the air and the other 25 feet!!!

Officials indicated that the flying manhole covers were a result of underground fires that resulted from an electric valve explosion. The salt and ice used to treat icy roads got underground and ate away at the wires and cables until these fires started. First and foremost, fortunately no one was injured from these huge covers flying high into the air. Someone managed to get a cell-phone video of the second explosion, which you can check out below.

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