$23.5 Million settlement of a class action against HSBC

$21 Million Verdict, Child Services Negligence

$20 Million Class Action Settlement vs Bank of America

$15 Million Pre-Trial Settlement for Medical Malpractice

$10 Million Class Action Settlement vs Discover Financial Services

$6 Million Class Action Settlement vs Discover Financial Services

$4.2 Million Settlement in Class Action vs American Traffic Systems

$4.1 Million Settlement for Defective Product

$3.2 Million Settlement for Medical Malpractice

$3 Million Pre-trial Mediated Settlement Medical Malpractice

$2.45 Million Pre-trial Settlement, Sexual Abuse by Teacher

$2.1 Million Settlement for injuries in an automobile accident

$1.7 Million settlement, Medical Malpractice in failing to timely diagnose, refer and treat a patient

$1.5 Million settlement of Wage & Hour Class Action

$1.47 million settlement arising out of a motor vehicle accident

$1.1 Million settlement involving a fall from scaffolding work injury

$1 million settlement, Medical Malpractice in a neurosurgical operation that caused paralysis

$850,000 settlement, Auto Accident, Injuries included Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

$825,000 settlement, Construction Site-Defective Tree Truck

$775,000 settlement arising out of trench collapse during sewer construction

$725,000 Settlement, Truck-Pedestrian Accident

$650,000 settlement, Medical Malpractice, failing to timely diagnose

$625,000 settlement involving a machine products defect

$550,000 settlement of wrongful death

$531,000 settlement arising out of an automobile accident

$500,000 settlement in a premises liability matter

$500,000 Settlement During Trial, Product Liability-Consumer Product Defect

$497,000 settlement of products liability

$495,000 settlement in premises liability

$460,000 settlement for bite and scar injuries to hand and wrist

$450,000 settlement in premises liability case

$450,000 settlement arising out of truck accident

$430,000 settlement arising out of automobile accident

$430,000 settlement in premises liability

$400,000 Settlement of a Wrongful Death Accident

$400,000 settlement for Burn injuries, plaintiff was a truck driver unloading chemicals

$400,000 settlement of pedestrian struck by automobile

$365,000 settlement for a construction accident

$350,000 verdict, Medical Malpractice, surgeon damaged a nerve

$262,500 settlement of slip and fall case from a forklift platform

$250,000 judgment against a hotel/nightclub in a slip and fall

$225,000 mediated settlement of premises liability

$205,000 settlement of premises liability

$200,000 settlement of premises liability

$100,000 settlement of bus accident

These verdicts and settlements are actual cases. Each case is different. The facts, the law, the age of the injured person, the severity of the injury, the makeup of the jury, the rulings of the judge, are some of the factors that make each case different. The cases listed here are not a guarantee that if you have a similar claim, you will get a similar result. Some of the listed results were obtained by our New Jersey lawyers while at other firms and/or with co-counsel.