Mintz & Geftic Achieves $400k Settlement in Wrongful Death Case


January 17, 2017 – Mintz & Geftic has announced a $400,000 settlement of a wrongful death accident case. The Elizabeth, NJ law firm secured the settlement on behalf of their client, an elderly man who was involved in a tragic slip and fall accident in Union County.  

Mintz & Geftic’s client was on the way to his doctor appointment when he encountered a ramp at the building entranceway to the doctor’s office. The ramp was too steep and it did not contain railings to help him steady his progress. As a result, the elderly man backpedaled and fell hitting his head on the ground causing a skull fracture. The skull fracture triggered a deteriorating condition that culminated in the plaintiff’s death three months later.

The wrongful death accident case ensued resulting in the recovery of wrongful death damages on behalf of the plaintiff’s survivors.




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